v15.2. New & Noteworthy.

PaperCut 15.2 is now available and includes a free site server!

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Printer Group Management

Drop down filters and tags for printer groups in the admin interface make managing which groups a printer belongs to, and using groups in reports and filters more user friendly. 

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Upgrading your Windows, Mac, or Linux OS?

When you are ready to upgrade operating systems to Windows 10, OS X EI Captain or Linux (using systemd), Papercut 15.2. has you covere with a complete set of supported operating systems for 2015 and beyond.

Microsoft Windows 10 and Edge: Take advantage of the new features Microsoft have rolled out in Windows 10. Your apps like PaperCut return to the lower left-hand corner of the desktop and will run as expected on your desktop clients or for SMBs running Windows 10 as a server. Use the brand-nex Edge browser to navigate web printing or your admin dashboard.  

Mac OS X EI Captain: Getting ready for the Northern Autumn or Southern Spring 2015 release, our team have tested and adapted 15.2 to run as a client or server on this latest OS X.

Linux: PaperCut 15.2 supports modern GNU/Linux distributions including those using systemd.


Multi-site Resiliency

When up time of your print service is important, this additional on-site server delivers continuity during unexpected loss of network communications.